ENGLISH! We present you a video content creator every comic book lover MUST know!

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Comics and the joy of aesthetics: these two things always go together, bringing joy to comic book lovers and maybe even becoming the main reason to start reading comic books in the first place… I mean, the right graphics are a big part of a good storyline! The old saying “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover” has no power here.

The importance of aesthetics in comic book world is obviously no secret for a video content creator Alex, who goes by the name THE DELUXE EDITION (USA). If you’re already a big comic book fan, you might even know his exceptional Youtube channel for it’s reviews on comic books and collectibles. There, I am guessing, Alex spends all the money in the world on his Collector Editions that he later demonstrates and reviews in his videos.

Sounds like any other guy who films comic book reviews, doesn’t he?
Well, no, and here is why: not to mention the luxury of having all these collectibles, that most of us can only dream about, The Deluxe Edition makes his reviews so aesthetically superior, people literally cry. We did! Check it out for yourself:

The Deluxe Edition didn’t dare to miss the brand new DC comic book that just came out today: Detective Comics #1000:

Probably the biggest attention on Alex’s channel goes to Collector and Omnibus Editions (dude, honestly, are you a millionaire?!):

And we especially loved this Dark Knights: Metal review!

Meet Alex in the virtual world and check out much more of his exceptional content on The Deluxe Edition Youtube Channel.

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